Peacock Inspired Eyes

So here goes my first eye look...anyone who knows me should know by now I'm obsessed with peacocks, even enough to get a tattoo of a feather!

Products used (in order):
Benefit Stay Don't Stray eye primer
MAC 239 Brush
Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box - shades Graffiti, Peace, Fishnet and Ransom
Rimmel Max VolumeLash
MAC liquidlast Liner in Blue Horizon

So first I applied Benefit Stay Don't Stray - I've read good and bad reviews on this product, but find it does what it says on the tin (I will be purchasing the e.l.f. version soon just to see if it's worth switching) - I've used Urban Decay primer potion too, but find it comes off too much as a neutral eyeshadow rather than a base.

Next is my baby, my pride of joy palette (I apologise for the scruffiness of it!) the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow Box. I thought I would make a look that just uses one palette, so it's easy! It has a great mix of vibrant colours and neutrals so works for any occasion if you ask me!

Rimmel Volumelash is my current everyday mascara - not one to gloat but I've been blessed with pretty long (albeit not curly) lashes, so one coat does just fine.

Finally, MAC liquidlast - a really intense coloured liner, which I just used for a flick.

Here's my tattoo too! :)

Hope you enjoy

Peacock Inspired Eyes
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  1. This is so gorgeous :) Now I want to try it myself! What a good excuse to go out and buy some eyeshadow colors like this, haha.

  2. Love the eye look and your tattoo is gorgeous :)

  3. so so pretty! i am rubbish with things like this, your eyes look amazing!

  4. Hi, lovely colours and great tattoo! Thanks for commenting, I found the best places to get japanese makeup online are and

  5. wow those are actually your real lashes?! Im soo jeleous! lol