A Naughty (but nice) haul

I swore I was going to save up, as money's going to be really tight for a month in the US (until I get my student loan), but to be honest the prices on these 2 things was so good I couldn't say no!
I got these two things from Chiara Fashion, I've never bought from them before and hopefully it'll be a good experience - especially since they offer free delivery, one of my top things to look for in online shopping.

First up, of course I had to add to my peacock collection...it's getting to be a problem!

At £22 and with maxi dresses seeing no sign of leaving us any time soon, it was a steal!

But the real winner, at just £4.80 - yes, less than a pack of fags - was this floral beauty...

Chiara Fashion go up to a size 18, accept Paypal/Google Checkout too, plus the free delivery and super gorgeous clothes - what's not to love?
You can find them here

Happy Shopping!

A Naughty (but nice) haul
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  1. How gorgeous!! That peacock dress is a wower, all right!! Great purchase there =D

    x http://dialogueswithafruitcake.blogspot.com/

  2. Hey Cer :) hope you're enjoying Florida and settling in well! I saw this post a few days back when I added your blog, and today saw this dress and thought of you; http://www.fashionunion.co.uk/index.php?p=LDRG7741 xx

  3. hey Charl yeah it's great! Ooh that dress is nice. I stopped myself from picking up 2 more peacock tops the other day, I'm obsessed! haha xx