So I've used coloured circle lenses before, but wanted a more natural, 'enhancing' look, so picked a pair in my natural eye colour that didn't have the black enlarging look.

Or so I thought...

Obviously this isn't exactly a natural look!

So I think I'm going to have to look around, or just stick to normal contacts.

Disclaimer: now guys, use some sense - don't buy contacts unless you KNOW what you're getting. Don't use contacts UNLESS you've been shown to use them by a professional, and NEVER sleep in them or wear for a long time. 
I got mine from for $20 delivered.
They claim to last for up to a year, IF taken care of properly - I'd say don't use them for more than 3-4 months, from previous experience.

Here's a photo of me in Geo Nudy in blue, for my prom in May 2009

Which do you prefer? Anyone know some more natural looking lenses?

Circle lenses
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  1. I've really been put off circle lenses since I heard about it in the news that enlarging ones can blind you. The report also mentioned how it's a hit in the US now since Lady Gaga's video and Michelle Phan's makeup tutorial. Luckily, one of my lenses aren't enlarging. I'm throwing the rest away :(