How much is TOO much?

So I came across this article in the Daily Mail

which basically talks about how beauty products have such inflated, ridiculous prices - £595 for 30ml of a serum?! I definitely agree that you could get several Botox treatments for that price, which despite its ethical concerns, definitely provides a true result.
Now despite the majority of my products being "high-street" brands - Rimmel, 17, Barry M etc - I do own quite a bit of higher-end stuff such as MAC, Urban Decay...but right now, that's my limit.
Anything with a price more than £25 (and even that's a lot) - I've got to question, is it REALLY worth it?
I have some eyeshadows that cost me £9.99 (around $17) on eBay (for 54 in a palette) that have a MUCH better pigmentation and colour payoff/last than my MAC.
But the item that really takes the (diamond encrusted) biscuit is Guerlains "KissKiss Gold and Diamond" lipstick - at $62,000. Are you KIDDING me?!

...yep. 62 THOUSAND big ones.
What's the World come to, eh?
What're your thoughts on highly expensive beauty products - worth it or not worth re-mortgaging your house for?
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How much is TOO much?
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  1. Holymoly!! $62K? I need to recover from this one *lol*

    PS: Thanks much for dropping by my blog and sharing your beauty tip on properly pasting the false eyelashes! =D

    xo Mavy