Living in Florida - it's sunny all the time, love my new apartment and love my university.
Getting my hands on American make up - NYX, Covergirl, Victoria's Secret etc - oh hai!
Getting to watch TV shows before my UK buddies - Desperate Housewives, Glee - oh hai!
The food - trying to be good is even harder out here, there's a reason Americans are the biggest...

Student loan - I've been at university for 3 weeks now, but only just managed to arrange to get it early and it was meant to be in my bank account today and no sign.
The cost of a sorority - I was really interested in joining, but the fees are insanely high. Wish it was a bit more open to people with all sorts of financial situations.
Not having a car - here in the US you basically HAVE to have a car to get around unless you're in a big city where everything is squashed into 1 big area. Public transport isn't what it is back home!
Having a paper due Monday and a test Wednesday
Being the new girl - it's hard getting to know people when you don't live on campus, as most of the people who live off campus have  moved in with people they already know...determined not to stay in this weekend!

What're your gripes and great things this week? :)

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