has happened to my face!
I don't know what's happened...I've gone from having a few spots here and there, to a massive breakout and what I'm guessing is an allergic reaction to something new I've used recently.
My lips are blistering in the corners (not like coldsores though), they're scratchy like sandpaper and got little bumps forming - and then my lower face has erupted like Vesuvius.

All in all, I'm not a happy bunny.

Things that're on my suspect list: Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit cleansing wash OR e.l.f.'s mineral primer.

Has anyone had any problems with these?

Let me know, whilst I hibernate in my room for a couple of weeks...
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  1. ive been using the pink grapefruit wash with really good results and my skin is really sensitive usually, so it may be the primer?
    sorry to hear youve had a bad reaction - hope it gets better soon!

  2. turns out it was definitely the pink grapefruit wash! I've gone from someone with oily skin to drier than a desert :(

  3. aww no - it smells so nice too! at least you found out what it was :)