Boots I wanna walk in

I came across another new site that sells lots of lovely things, Urban OG







How River Island-esque do some of these boots look?
They also ship internationally (but it's a bit pricey) and I do wonder if the knee length boots would fit my 'voluptuous' calves
I wish Florida wasn't so damn hot that I could rock my boots and tights!

(All images courtesy of Urban OG)
Boots I wanna walk in
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  1. hey thanks for your comment, i think it was because I was in all wowee it was free, it's one of those eyeliners that when you put it on it's quite nice but ends up halfway down your face by lunch!

  2. heys, thank you for your comment. The mac products I have are from the store except for the mascara which I bought online but no longer wear it as I did find out it was fake and it did not work anyway, I made a complaint already. Thank you for your concern :)

    have a lovely day.