Love my new logo and mini-me? Me too!
Check out the designer who made it :)
Her name is Rai, and she's a student running a fashion blog.

She posts really unique outfits, just for us curvier girls and is great with a camera - always really detailed and informative. I asked her a few questions about her personal blogosphere :)

1) What made you decide to blog/what's the main goal with your blog?
I decided to start blogging because I saw so many awesome blogs around, and my favourites were the fashion and crafty ones (still are,) but since I have no real creative skills I went down the line of fashion because, hey, if you have a camera and some kind of style it’s easy to do. The plan for my blog is to document my style as I get older, to see how I change throughout my time at Uni and *hopefully* out the other end, and I hope that’s interesting for other people to read too!
2) What's your main fashion inspiration, what're your favourite brands?
I get inspired all kinds of places. I love japanese street fashion but I couldn’t afford to go full Lolita style and I don’t think it would suit me either! I’m inspired by blogs and people, but hardly ever magazines and ads – I’m an apple-shape size 14/16, and therefore anything a size 8 wears looks way different on me. Saying that I love 1950’s fashion too, and you can definitely see that in my style – lots of flared-skirted dresses and cardis. In regards to brands, I buy whatever is cheap – I have a sale radar, I swear! Hence my wardrobe is an eclectic mix of ebay finds and sale bits ranging from primark through to topshop and everything in between.
3) Where do you see your blogging taking you in the future?
I don’t really see my blogging taking me anywhere, if I’m honest. It’s something I enjoy but it will never be a career and I don’t think I will ever be as successful as some bloggers I could mention! So yes, it’s just for fun

She makes these fun 'ragdoll' cartoons for people, and I think she's really talented at it.
Check out her blog here
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