Hi ladies, so today has been one hell of a day!
I tried to catch a bus to the social security office to get a number so I can start my job - and somehow ended up on a shuttle to the mall near the airport. *Sigh*
Then I got harassed by this guy, who cornered me until I gave him my (fake) number. I felt so intimidated, and didn't help I was on my own - and then a large group of guys came past and kept going "daayum gurrl look at them titties" - lovely!
Anyway, I got a few things from Walgreens

Sinful Colors nail polish, Aussie 3 minute miracle, razors (so I'm not haireh), tweezers (again, less hair) and Studio 35 nail polish sponge remover.

and now I'm gonna review the nail polish - but first, a gross subject - my feet.
My feet seem to rub and blister in any shoe. Any at all, be it ugly Croc, or open toe sandal. Today I wore fabric material Fit Flops and ended up with this

Blisters everywhere, ych a fi.
So I'm just curious as to whether anyone suffers from the same sort of thing, because I don't want to have to end up wearing these

Anyway, the nail polish remover...
it's by Studio 35 Beauty

As you can see, it's like a big sponge that has little slits throughout it. You simply put your finger in, twist it around a bit and then voila.
However, I wouldn't recommend curiously tipping it to the side. You'd be wrong to think the sponge is that absorbent

and if you're sat cross legged, be prepared for the immense pain of when it spills all over aforementioned blistered foot (see, there was a reason for me mentioning it!)

Overall, this is a really good product. Gets everything off in one go, no scrubbing your nail to get it off, it doesn't smell too strongly and it's cheap as chips! ($3.99)
I've never seen anything like this in the UK - perhaps specialty stores like Sally's?

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  1. Hey! Your feet look painful! Have you tried flat ballerina shoes that don't touch any of your foot apart from toes and the back? What about UGGs? I hope you find something comfy!

    The UK does have the sponge thing, in Boots/Superdrugs and supermarkets too. I've never thought to try them but they look quite good so methinks I shall! xx

  2. Aww poor you! Guys can be so inapropriate sometimes!

    I blister occassionally, but i just ignore it lol! I must try the polish remover...i was laughing when you suggested not to tip it over, and then i saw your picture, lol.

  3. Hi. I always find that the first tims I war sandals/flips flops in the spring, that they rub. I use compeed blister plasters (To protct the blisters) and keep feet moisturised. I also sometimes use surgical spirits to harden skin. It might be that breaking shoes in round the house might help? Wearing for an hour at the time? Hop that helps. Emma x

  4. I love aussie 3 minute miracle! It is a blessing for my dry hair! Great haul! :]

  5. Oh, poor you!! I always wanted to try this type of nail polish remover... it sounds great

  6. My feet rub in everything! I wear uggs and am in pain it's a joke xxx