Also from the Cherry Culture haul - I'd never heard of this brand before, but it was so darn cheap I felt that it wouldn't matter if they were really bad - so I was hugely surprised at the quality of these - which is amazing!
So the 2 things I picked up, for $1.49 ($1.49!!) each were the Lipstick in Nude, and the Lipshine balm in Raspberry

Both of the products have a lovely watermelon scent to them - which I didn't think I would like on a lipstick, but it's really sweet without being overpowering.

I was expecting the lip shine to be a lot more sheer (like the Victoria's Secret one I just reviewed) but these are really pigmented, almost more than a lipstick - with like a 'jelly' finish.

and the Nude - this doesn't look much like the swatch online, but it's the nude that's like "my lips only better" - a definite new favourite. Again it has a watermelon scent, and is highly pigmented and longer lasting that lipsticks I've paid over 100% more for!

Really impressed with this brand (which is also made in USA) - I think you can also purchase it at CVS/Walgreens and places like that, so expect more reviews on this.

Jordana lip products
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