Mulberry for Target - bag no.1

First I should warn you that although my camera does work, the macro (focus) won't work, so every swatch and look comes out blurry.
So the iPhone 4 will have to do, for now!

So my friend back home really wanted a bag from this collection, and since I don't have the cash to get one yet we did an 'exchange' and she bought me the Urban Decay NYC Book of Shadows, yaaay!
She went for the leopard print tote ($49.99)

first I thought "oooh, the labelling is very similar to the more expensive thing!"

Then...oh. Mulberry clearly didn't want people to act as if they could afford the thousands of pounds version...and made that very, very clear in very, very plain logos. I really don't understand the snobbery behind it - I would've otherwise been totally smitten with these, and Mulberry knew those buying these bags most likely can't afford the "high end" version so why would they make that separation even more apparent?

I still may decide to buy one myself, but who knows.
What do you all think of the blatant separation in the same brand?

Mulberry for Target - bag no.1
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  1. I think that's the biggest issue people are having with the collection.

  2. Wow, I totally agree! They really didn't have to make the separation this obvious -_- The bag is super pretty though!