here we have Nails Inc in Elizabeth Street - a freebie from Glamour a while back. I don't know how it's half empty, I don't recall ever using it...
Elizabeth Street is a lovely pinky nude - a little thin on consistency, it's not opaque after 2 coats in that you can still see the white tips of my nails but I actually like that.
Sorry about the rubbish iPhone pictures, but my quote for camera repair was $120, and I definitely don't have that moolah right now. So iPhone and Photo Booth pics will have to do :/

Also I'm out of top coat - can anyone recommend one?
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  1. Its so pretty! I love it! And your pics are good! xx

  2. Love the color!

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  3. Hi darling!
    Beautiful color, I love a natural fade on my nails.. Follow me if you like ;)
    Love from Stockholm..

  4. I'm really liking this color. I would wear that tone on my wedding. :)

  5. @Toni it would look really good for a wedding. It's a very classical look.

  6. Sally Hansen Mega Shine is a great Top Coat, you can put it on wet nails and it dries them in a few minutes! Lifesaver if you're anything like me and paint your nails at stupid times (like just before getting in bed!)