So I ordered 2 things off the MAC website (and of course a day later, they send me a code for free 2 day shipping)

First up, the Pro Longwear lipcreme in Perpetual Flame

described as a "pink cranberry", but I've gotta say this is definitely a postbox, phonebooth London bus red to me (maybe it's the pigmentation of my lips).
The packaging - sleeker than the typical 'bullet' lipstick (which yes, DOES remind me of a vibrator)
Now...I've never heard anyone state the biggest problem there is with this stuff. The shape of the lipsticks means you must have to have fishlips, or be able to apply it at a VERY odd angle to get any sort of decent application without ending up like this. 

 Despite that, it is a gorgeous shade and the swatch is still stuck on my hand so I think it will live up to the "longwear" part. As you can see I couldn't get in the corners with this shape!

Paired with Illamasqua's Perpetual Intense lipgloss

and then I bought another blush for my palette, the oh-so-underblogged-about 'Margin'

 a gorgeous, peachy/rosy, shimmery blush. I'm not very good with these "yellow based pinks/red based blues" descriptions some bloggers give. 
Either way, it's a lovely colour, and on darker skin would work as a highlighter, or even as a neutral shadow. I'm all for multitasking.

Teeny tiny MAC haul
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  1. I often hear people who hate the typical shapes of lipsticks, but I totally 100% agree with you about this type! It's so much easier to apply with the pointed tip.
    (Margin looks beautiful, too :)

  2. Wow, Margin looks gorgeous! Going to check it out, thanks :)

  3. That's very pretty :) and LOL at the Sarah Palin picture :)