Things I miss from home:
Friends, family, my car, my cat and dog, LIDL biscuits and chocolate, nice chocolate in general, mango chutney, the weather being less than 30 degrees every day, being able to work, being able to drive, Cardiff, Eastenders, Primark, not living next to a pool that makes noise all night and instead being woken by chickens, not being the outsider with the funny accent, having space for all my things, how Special K tastes better, city life and living near a city, a distinct lack of strip mall after strip mall filled with garish neon lights advertising every fast food under the sun.

Things I don't miss from home:
University and not feeling like it's offering me enough, that everything except healthcare is more expensive, feeling like I'll be taking a huge step back if I move back home, how there's much less of a focus on going out and getting pissed every night here, no Sephora/Victoria's Secret etc etc etc, being a single pringle, grumpy rude people, being a "small" fat and delicious huge portions of Chinese for $5.

Despite the fact that a majority of that seems to be about food - rant done :)
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21 year old Welsh blogger, living in London. Addicted to makeup, chocolate and staying in bed.

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