Illamasqua MUA: Felix Love

Hi everyone! I know I've been terribly quiet, but here's something worth waiting for.
Those who go to Illamasqua's counter in Debenhams Cardiff will undoubtedly recognise Felix Love, one of their make up artists.
I was lucky enough to ask him a few questions about Illamasqua, makeup tips and his own style.

Hi Felix! First off, could you please give me a brief overview of previous work and why you chose Illamasqua?
Until my position with Illamasqua I had no previous experience and no background in cosmetics. It was all totally new to me. What I did have to my advantage was a Diploma in Art and Design. I have always been very creative with an extraordinary imagination. This is key for working with Illamasqua...artistic flare and imagination! In my opinion Illamasqua embodies the essential characteristics of human fundamentalisms. It is a human right to self express and too many are forced not to. We have a strict 'no uniform' policy and staff are encouraged to express their individuality on counter and inspire customers in the same light. This is why I choose to work for Illamasqua.

Illamasqua is all about creating an alter ego. Who is your alter ego?

Yes Illamasqua IS make up for your alter ego, everybody has one, some just don't know it. I discovered my alter ego about 3 years ago when I first put on a pair of heels. How amazing a change of footwear can make you feel. I would say my alter ego is a Diva-Trannyfashionist who's strut is as big as her mouth, a complete social butterfly party animal!

What do you feel makeup can do for people?
Make up has unbelievable power. It can change the way a person not only looks but also feels, and in minutes! It can give you the confidence to do anything. World domination anyone?

What is your number one Illamasqua product, and your number one other brand product?
My number 1 Illamasqua product has to be Pigment Static. It's one of the most unique pigments I've seen and looks amazing on the eyes, cheeks or even lips. Lush! As for other brands... Urban Decay glitter liners - so much fun.

What do you find the ladies/men of Cardiff are looking for in their makeup?
Ladies and men of Cardiff, like others everywhere are looking for quality. People are not interested in cheap cosmetics any more. Everyone wants to look their best. But apart from that, people want a brand to believe in, somewhere to belong.

What is your number 1 tip for those on a budget?
My number 1 tip for anyone on a budget - prioritise! some things are more important, like a good foundation, a natural blush and mascara. Everything else comes next.

If you could create anyone’s Illamasqua alter ego, who would it be and why?
I would love love to create Simon Cowells alter ego - it would have to be something filthy! 

Catch Felix at the Debenhams Illamasqua Counter in St Davids Shopping Centre, Cardiff
You can also check his YouTube channel here

Until next time ladies! x
Illamasqua MUA: Felix Love
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