Hello everyone!
So I haven't posted for 11 days which is shameful, but a lot has happened in that time. So I guess if you're feeling nosy I'll fill you in :)

1) I'm back from the USA. 
2) I'm back living at home.
3) I'm not going back to University until next September, hopefully to Kingston.
4) I'm jobless got a Christmas job in Marks & Spencer cafe. But it's a half an hour drive away
5) I still haven't unpacked yet fully yet, I have no hangers for my clothes or storage for my makeup
6) I have no money. Not even for some decent chocolate
7) My camera is still broken. And will be for the forseeable future, so the iPhone will have to do
8) I'm very cold here. Very very cold.
9) I can drive again. Yay!
10) I'm back with everyone I love. 3 Musketeers ♥

So bear with me guys, and hope to catch up with all your posts soon!
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21 year old Welsh blogger, living in London. Addicted to makeup, chocolate and staying in bed.


  1. How did you enjoy the states? Hopefully, you'll save enough from that new job you landed.

    Lots of warmth from California!

  2. YAY 3 Musketeers are back together <3

  3. How'd you like America? :) congrats on the job :)