Shwmae (Welsh for hello) everyone!

So twice this week I've been to IKEA, first time I spent too much and then went back to return some I'm back in my old room, it really needs decorating...the hot pink and purple was nice when I was 15 but now has to go. I'm thinking red, off white and black. IKEA is like my Mecca...I always love going and designing my imaginary house with my imaginary husband ;)

Anyway, here's some of what I got (and what went back)

KOMPLEMENT multi-use hanger, SIGNE rug, SKUBB box (that went back), KRUS organiser and ALVINE TRAD bedding. I also bought a shelving set, that went back cos I'm skint beyond!

First up, the ALVINE TRAD £14.99

 (oooh, who's website is that...)

KOMPLEMENT hanger £2.99 - how ingenious is this?! It's for scarves, belts, ties, you name it :)

and KRUS organiser, you're my new best friend!

Going to be buying many, many more of these...they organise things perfectly! £4.59

I also picked up this little glass jar SLOM for 89p for my brushes

and after having the obligatory meatballs, and some rather scrumptious non-alcoholic mulled wine, who should we run into...

and finally, one odd picture on the IKEA sweets

expect some clothes/shoes hauls very soon :)

Cerys x

IKEA haul
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  1. That's such a great idea for scarves! I have all of mine cramped on a hanger! :))

  2. I love IKEA so much, and I do exactly the same when I'm there, walk around thinking "that would look so nice in my future dining room, and this would be beautiful for child number 1's room!" & I have to buy new bed linen every time I go, it's a rule because the designs and colours on the are always so gorgeous.

  3. That scarf/belt hanger is a great idea! I need something similar for jewellery, because maybe then I'll actually wear it XD

    I always go to IKEA just to buy Daim chocolate haha

  4. I love Ikea, they have so many cool things.xx

  5. That organiser looks so good! Haven't been there in ages. Every time I go I over buy too much.

  6. I have a very similar bedspread from IKEA (same colours, but the flowers are bigger). Super cute!

  7. I got that hanger too. but 1 is not enough >_<
    I am going to get one more next time =P