Minx nails and Sienna X tan

So the other night my mother's friend hosted a pamper party just before moving to Australia. There were the options of Minx nails, Sienna X tan, eyelash extensions and waxing. I opted for the first 2 as I think eyelash extensions would make me look like a drag queen and there weren't nothing I was gonna get waxed in front of everyone else!

So first I got tanned in this big pod thing, like this (not my body - I wish!)

Most of my friends opted to go topless to have it done, but I didn't fancy showing off my bits to everyone - plus the size of my breasticles meant my stomach wouldn't have been tanned haha!
I exfoliated beforehand, and then chose shade 8 which I believe is the lightest. You're then given a barrier cream for hands, knees and elbows.

It's a very cold sensation and even weirder when your friends are all having a nice drink and bit of grub around you! After I had it, I was a lovely sunkissed colour, but I made the mistake of not showering when I got home - it developed overnight and then became a little too dark for my liking.

Bare face, scareh. There wasn't a smell to begin with, but overnight I did become a bit biscuit-y. It's now 8 days later and there are still some remnants of it left, but it has gone patchy.
Overall I did like my colour, I think because my hair and eyes are so dark it suited me. But I would just use it for special occasions.

Now, my gorgeous gorgeous nails!
Minx nails are these lovely foil transfers which are cut and applied to buffed nails, then blasted with a dryer and smoothed out, then a topcoat is put on. Unfortunately, I was the last to get mine done and I think the lady was in a bit of a rush so in some parts there are creasing. Again, 9 days later they still look amazing.

There are a huge amount of designs to choose from (see here) and here's what I picked:

You can see the slight imperfections, but overall I think they're great! There's minimum tip wear and no peeling as of yet. I would definitely get these done again :)

Has anyone else tried these products?

Cerys x
Minx nails and Sienna X tan
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  1. Omg Minx nails! They look awesome :D

    I would definitely be too shy to try the tanning or waxing in front of everyone XD