Sales Hauls pt.1 - Next

Hi everyone! Hope Santa brought you everything you wanted.
Well I've had crazy cabin fever due to where I live and the weather, but we managed to get out yesterday at 4am, to get to Cardiff for the 5am Next sale. Hardcore :). There were even bouncers and by the time I'd finished and started to enjoy a Burger King breakfast, there was a growing queue outside.
For my international readers, Next is a big department store here - and twice a year they have a sale where everything is 50% or more off, it's crazy!
Overall I wasn't massively impressed, bought a lot less than in the Summer one, but I did get some nice things. My next few posts will be what I got from other shops - overall I was very good!

So, with a grand total of £99 here's my Next haul

Dusky lilac silk top (with a pocket, yay! I've been looking for pocket tees for ages). I bought one similar from Oasis recently which can now go back as this was only £8

Camels huge right now! £6

I admit, I have an obsession with brown/tan ankle boots. I have about 10 pairs. But these were darn cute at £15

Ahhh, my favourite! I've been looking for a good quality, buttery leather jacket for a long time. One that will really last - down from £140 to £70 this baby will be loved for years to come. I know it's still a lot to spend on a jacket, but this was my one splurge and my mum kindly lent me £50 towards it until I start my new job in Jan. 

Sales Hauls pt.1 - Next
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  1. I love those shoes - amazing for £15! x

  2. @Lily I know, I love them! They had great tassel loafers but the 6 was a teensy bit too big, and no 5's :(