Call Centres: I TAKE IT ALL BACK

Hello bloggers!
I'm terribly sorry I've been so quiet - but I have just managed to borrow a friends camera so expect service back to normal ASAP!
I've also just started a 40 hr a week job in a call centre, and I have to say...I TAKE IT ALL BACK.
I was always one of those people who thought it would be one of the easiest jobs available and that only those with no other option would take it, but how the mighty thinking hath fallen.
Long, LONG days (10-9) usually all weekend too, targets and constant reviews are already in full swing, and I started last Tuesday. 

So to all call centre workers: I apologise.

On a more cheerful note, expect a full review on help: clear skin tomorrow afternoon as I've finished my months trial (with a few days forgotten about, in all honesty)

So much to catch up on with all you bloggers. 
Speak soon,
Cerys x
Call Centres: I TAKE IT ALL BACK
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  1. congrats on your new job! I thought the exact same thing as you did about call centres, until I started working at one. With that said, I now hate them and never want to go back haha

  2. Ooh where did you work? it's okay for now - just a job until I start Uni again! x

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