Hi blogettes,
so I actually have 2 days off work (in a row - omgzzz) so I am going to do my bestest to write lots of posts, including as I've now reached over 100 followers, a giveaway.
Another reason (I know, excuses excuses) I haven't been blogging is cos Daddy dearest has been decorating my room, so everythings been covered up and hidden away.

Here's a sneak peak of the room!



I absolutely love this wallpaper (£28 a roll though, ouch) and this is a Next bedding set I blogged about when I first started the blog. Cream pillows - £6 Home Direct, red pillow - £1.75 ASDA and rose pillow - £12 Next.
You can't see the actual walls (mines an attic room) but they're  a lovely garnet shade with cream doors.

Bird cage, Marks and Spencer (don't know the price, was a Christmas pressy)

Art from Cracker Barrel (my American bloggers will know the awesomeness of the Cracker Barrel!)

Necklace holder, also from Marks and Spencer and also a present so I don't know the price.

What does everyone think?

DIY time!
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  1. Oo pretty! I love the bird cage :)

  2. It looks gorgeous! Definitely my kind of room, it's so beautiful! Loving the red and white theme! x

  3. lovely!! is that a tiny wardrobe door at the back? i love it!

  4. I absolutely love the wall paper too! Everything looks gorgeous too.

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  5. wow your room is amazing! i love it!