Help:clear skin Review

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So today I've had (what seems) like a rare moment to myself and thought I would let you all know about my experience with a months worth of help:clear skin products.

First, I guess I should go into what my skin is usually 2 words, pretty poor.
I'm not talking acne or anything that severe, but I suffer from a very oily t-zone, lots of KP (keratosis pilaris - the little bumps on your skin that aren't quite spots and can't be squeezed or 'owt). Then I get the occasional 'cluster' of whiteheads but when I began this trial my skin was particularly bad for some reason.

How it works: so the product basically comes in sachet form, to be taken once in the morning, once at night. I have to say my main issue was remembering to take it, I never remembered to take my pill nevermind this! The sachet can be added to a drink, or food (though I never tried it) and it essentially dissolves like an Alka Seltzer (only with NO foul taste). No taste at all, though vigorous stirring was required so there were no lumpy bits. 

And now, for the terrifying part...the before and after photos...NO makeup AT ALL.

no, I don't look too happy about the no makeup thing do I...

So as you can see there is a remarkable difference in my skin. Whether it's just down to using the product, overeating at Christmas (more unlikely) or even hormones I definitely have seen results. Those angry blighters are a rare occurence.

Overall, I would recommend help:clear skin - if you're not on a budget like most poor students are. It costs £49.99 for a months supply, however if you buy from here it's on offer at £32.49. Especially if like me you can't be arsed applying 4 or 5 different lotions and potions twice a day.
Help:clear skin Review
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