So today I'm gonna talk about 2 palettes I got from a Hong Kong seller (here) on ebay. Both palettes came to the grand total of £13.99 with free postage :). I know people sometimes have trouble with shadows getting smashed, but mine arrived nicely bubble wrapped.

First up, the 88 piece neutral palette. Despite still NEEDING the Naked palette, this pretty much has every colour for daytime looks, and even some smoky eye looks. Pigmentation is fantastic!

 and then the 28 piece blusher piece - this contains everything from a highlight, to a very fuschia pink (which I'll have to brave sometime soon), and some lovely lovely peach shades. Again pigmentation is excellent - just goes to show that you don't have to pay £12 for 1 colour. They are a bit smaller than the usual pan, around that of a MAC mineralize trio I would say so I have to squeeze my brush slightly to get in there. There's also a really cool looking lilac colour (2nd row from top, furthest on left) that I'll have to give a whizz.

Cerys x
Palettes off ebay
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  1. ooh wow, if I wore more makeup I'd be very tempted c:

  2. the palettes look amazing :) thanks for sharing

  3. Wow the eyshadows palette look gorgeous! Is it a "no brand" palette?

  4. that blush palette looks so cool! i really want that one

  5. I have that blush palette - it's fab :) So many unusual colours in there :) There's some really pretty peaches that I prefer to some of my branded blushes.

  6. @GABY yep it's no brand.
    @Emily I love it! have you dared to try the brighter shades?!


  7. Wow this palette looks gorgeous! So many different color to choose from.