So, to my US followers this won't be a big deal...but there are now 2 Forever 21's in the UK, and my lovely friend happens to live in Brum by the Bullring!

First off, some tourist-y shots...

By this point I was nearly wee-ing myself with excitement. I didn't want to take pics around the shop just in case security (which there was masses of) kicked me out. But I have to say the decor was amazing, lighting was very very bright and we actually got tired after just 1 out of 3 floors! Luckily there's a built in Costa for a little rest.

Anyway, on to the actual haul...

Cape - £26.80

Cape - £23.80

Silk shirt - £15.80

Silver top/dress - £13.95

Now...the pricing seems to me a bit odd (especially that the thing I expected would cost the most, cost the least) - it does seem that if the item would be $26.80 in the States, it's just been changed into £ for us. It's not the price I was used to paying compared to in Florida...but I'm totally happy with it! 
Their sizing is in S, M and L - L being around a 14 and some things a 12 so sizing is the same. They also had a small section of the plus size section, which I didn't really check out as I'd already spent so much (and am losing weight yaaaay)!

Also, regarding returns - UNLIKE the US, we can actually get a refund if we don't want something! Shocking eh. For those who don't know, F21 in the US only lets you exchange even if it's faulty.

Overall 8/10

And here's a pic of me, my friend Rosie and some of her friends out in the O2 Academy in the night (those are tights, not tattoos!)

I wish I could remember my makeup...but the alcohol seems to have drained my memory! ;) 

Enjoy x
Forever 21!
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  1. I love the items you bought, especially the first cape! I've not been to a Forever 21 in the UK but I did think that it'd probably be more expensive then in the US - so annoying.
    Love your tights in the night out photo. x

  2. Oooh gorgeous! Where's the other Forever 21 store in the UK?

  3. what!? Forever 21s now in the UK?! omg i'm so excited! lol. I love the stuff you bought, especially the silk shirt, looks gorgeous!

  4. The dress is gorgeous! Hopefully they will open up some more very soon!!

    Jenn xx