Evening girls.
Well I'm just watching Snog, Marry, Avoid (and of course there'd be someone on there from my town)
when I realised how much I've been neglecting this thang!
I went on a trip to Birmingham last weekend: 2 words, FOREVER 21 (post soon)

Now for the nails!
This OPI's Mod Hatter, from their Garden Party collection.

It is a huge description, for something that in my opinion does barely anything.

 OPI launches its soft shades under the title of OPI Garden Party. The colors reflect the sophisticated mood of a garden party under the English autumn sky. The colors are unique in their appeal and atmosphere. The sixth and final shade of this range is OPI Mod Hatter. Now is the time for celebration of your beauty and authority. It is the color which makes you the reason for celebration. This is the color that makes you more and more beautiful. This is at once cosmopolitan and natural. It is at one hand sober and soft, and on the other hand highly attractive and gorgeous. The shade of the color is sophisticated, aristocrat and rich. But the traditional elegance does not fade its uptown grace. It is modern. And it is in true spirit of the large hated English woman at a grape garden in a summer's day. No batman Mad Hatter, but it is OPI's Mod Hatter. It is a shade of cool violet - taupe. Taupe is a Mediterranean color, carrying French fragrance. The color is mixed with an expert quantity of violet lacquer. The effect is simply indefinable. A light taupe with violet halo makes the color ravishing and it altogether makes you irresistible

Now as far as "violet taupe" goes...let's take a look.

This is an INCREDIBLY sheer shade, that doesn't even count as a "french manicure" polish in my opinion. Being my first purchase from OPI, I haven't been so impressed. Perhaps I should've gone for a much bolder colour, or experiment a bit more with layering this on another polish.

What do we all think?

Cerys x
NOTD: OPI Mod Hatter
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  1. Thats a lovely colour :) thankyou for your follow here is one back for you xxx