Shwmae (hello in Welsh) ladies! Is everyone else feeling like their house is about to fall over from the gusts?

So a lot of things have been changing in my life recently.
Moved back home, started full time work, had to reapply to far so good.
Last night, I raced home to log into Ucas to find out City University London has offered me a place on their Journalism course! So far, I've had 2 offers and still waiting to hear off 3 unis (Leeds, Birmingham and Kingston).

So I thought why not continue on with my changing scenarios and introduce you to the love of my life...she's had a makeover.

It was always love at first sight with my MacBook credit card and student overdraft proved themselves to be greatly useful! Up until now I've just had a boring, clear plastic case - and then I found this here for £19.99! Loads of different designs, packaged very well, amazing quality and it was shipped in 5 days.

And my other new favourite thing! As you've seen, my room has been redecorated and the IKEA rainbow stripy rug just had to go, unfortunately. So I have this lovely (shag pile, bobbly?) rug from Next. It's much more of a burgundy colour than the iPhone will allow, but oooh I just want to lie on it next to a roaring fire like some dodgy 70's adult film. 
£125 - Next

So what're you girls looking forward to this weekend? I'm in work later :( but then all weekend off (the first one EVER)

Till later,
Cer x
Revamping, continued
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  1. I too feel like my house is going to fall over any minute from the crazy gusts! Congrats on the place for the Journalism course! I wanted to do journalism, but although I am still interested in it, other passions and dreams took over. I am in love with your macbook pro case, its gorgeous! your new rug is fab too