Afternoon chaps,
so as I've mentioned right now I'm working for Sky in Cardiff.
It's a pretty relaxed environment - supposed to be business in the week and casual from Friday to Sunday, but it's not hugely enforced. I just thought I'd show you guys what a typical outfit looks like!

It seems I've gone for a bit of an international brand look today. 
Cardigan - Cotton On, THE most amazing shop in Australia (I got a dress for $1! It doesn't fit me round the boobs, but hey, $1...)
Dress - Etre, again an Australian brand. There's a little black vest top underneath from H&M too.
Tights - Primark, these have little cute hearts on them

Necklace - £2.50, George

I've neglected these shoes a lot (especially considering their price!) and I don't think I've ever shown them on my blog. They're from the famous American preppy brand Sperry Topsiders which does specialise in that preppy boat shoe look - however they have some really cool designs - I believe these ones were called Rockstar, they're extremely comfy and cost around $110 I think.

So how are your work environments? Strict, or a bit more casual?

Cerys x 
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