Hey girls,
so I recently had a teeny haul at Missguided - a considerably well known brand nowadays.
So I ordered 3 things, first up, this gorgeous dress, we all know my love for peacock feathers...

Ivana Peacock dress in M/L

Jesscia Draped Dress in Mocha in M/L

(images property of Missguided)

Now, Missguided states their M/L is a 12-14. Now I ain't no 12, but I do fit into 14's in everywhere except Toppers. But the sizing at Missguided went above (or should I say lower) for sizing.

For example, here is my size 8 sister in the Ivana dress

So the 1st dress I didn't even want to try on for fear of ripping it Hulk style, but I have tried on the 2nd one...and excuse my crudeness, but I looked like a brown squooshed condom. And no, I don't have giant hands. They are rather small, which was a problem especially being a double bass player...yeah, that one about 50 times the size of a violin

it's not all doom and gloom...I did manage to get these gorgeous fairisle leggings over my 'curvaceous' booty for just £5.99!

See, I love love love online shopping, it's just when sizing is rather off, it's not surprising why a lot of people prefer the High Street (which isn't much better Primark *ahem* New Look *ahem* Topshop *cough cough*.

Have you suffered any online shopping sizing problems recently?

Cerys x
Rather Missguided...
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  1. i hate when that happens, sizing is all off :( internet shopping is SOOO convenient but there needs to be regulated and standard sizing practices. love that peacock dress


  2. I think it depends on the individual as well as the retailer. Some find Topshop sizes run bit, some find it runs small. Same with everything but the hardest thing about is that with internet shopping NOT ALL retailers offer free returns. Retailers should ACCEPT that occasionally, things wont fit and should offer free returns otherwise people wont buy from them at all.


  3. The M/L does look far too big for your size 8 sister around the top half, and its elasticated so it prob would fit a lot of sizes. How did it fit on you ?
    I dont understand the hand pic.
    But yey that the leggings fit :)