Hello peeps! I'm fed up of giving excuses for not updating posts more often...though this week I've worked Monday-Sunday with no days off so here's my chance to redeem myself.

Some of you may remember my previous attempt at "natural" looking Geo lenses (which failed) but I think this time I've definitely done better.

Take a look at the 'Magic Coloured 3 Tone in Green', which cost £13.90 from here with free delivery.

Now again, if you're not used to using contacts then I wouldn't advise just going ahead and buying them, at least have an optician show you how to clean them etc. 
Because these don't have the 'black ring' that gives it such the dolly effect, whilst you can tell there's a cosmetic difference I think it's much more of a subtle one - will be purchasing grey and blue soon.

What do you guys think of the coloured lenses craze?

Cerys x
Geo lenses take 2!
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  1. They look great on you, very subtle :) And I love wearing coloured/circle lenses

  2. i think they look great!


  3. your eyes look amazing!


  4. I wear the 3-tone greys but I've been thinking about these too1 :)