Saturday's spent in bed is a rarity for me nowadays, so I thought I'd show you a haul I made Thursday in Cardiff. I'll start off with the cosmetic side of things, which will be reviewed soon.

Breath of Fresh Air toner (large) £6.75, Buffy exfoliator (50g) £5.25 and Love Lettuce facemask (75g) £5.25. The assistants in Lush (Queen St, Cardiff) are beyond friendly, and I was surprised to learn they don't actually work on commission for sales - they're just that into their products and truly believe in how great they are.

MAC Paintpot in Indianwood (£13.50) - looks amazing with Constructivist and from the 'Quite Cute' collection I got the Quite Cute lipstick (£13.50) - it's a very scary violet colour, which I'd imagine is similar to Violetta from the Pro collection. These feels bolder than a bright red to me!

Haul from Primark

Floral PVC bag, great for the beach: £7

Floral chiffon crop top: £7

American flag vest: £3

Angel sleeve tie top: £7

Cutey booty pj shorts: £3 each

New Look

Chiffon top: £5 in sale

Chiffon batwing top: £7 in sale

Peacock (:D) earrings: £2.99

Cork wedges: £19.99. I can't do heels at all, but in theory these have a very small one. We shall see how my feet deal! Also on the right, (Primark): £7

River Island


Skinny jeans: £20 in sale

and to finish it all off, some magazines with Kim Kardashian with such a slammin body I'll just have a little cry afterwards...

Anyone bought anything nice lately?
Cerys x
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  1. The pj shorts are super cute, and I love Cosmo!

  2. I have the floral crop top from primark in grey, its rather pretty :) I also love the bag and the wedges you picked up. I've bought loads of wedges lately and a few pairs are featured on my blog :)


  3. i love the crop top and i absolutly love lush items theyre fab :)