Holland House Spa Day: Cardiff

Hey girls,
now I know I've been exceptionally quiet. Unfortunately it's not a case of being lazy, too much work etc...it's been a bit deeper than that. I'm not one to moan or lay my problems on a blog - so please accept my apologies.
It also seems that I've just been collecting hauls lately, which wasn't really what I planned this blog to be about - tomorrow I shall be finally visiting the Office of Post to send my original camera off for repair as I can only now afford to get it done. S'long iPhone!
ALSO, I've chosen my University - Kingston, here I come :)

Anyway, on to my review! It was recently one of my good friends 21st, and through KGB Deals, we found a spa day in central Cardiff including 2 treatments, light lunch and all day use of the spa facilities for £30 as opposed to £125. At 10am, we arrived to be given robes and slippers.
Now, I only have one major complaint about our experience, and it's nothing to do with the hotel itself, more one lady who despite having a cut on her leg (and dripping blood all over the changing room floor) went for a swim, and in the steam room - so when me and the girlies went in there, we nearly sat in another pool of blood. EWWW

First off, we chillaxed by the pool...my photos don't do this justice, there was lovely mood lighting and we could people watch out on a grey Welsh day without being seen.

Next, the 'relaxation room'...so relaxing I think we all napped at some point

It was worth the £30 just to lay in here all day with my Kindle

Next up, our lunch...I opted for sarnies which came with parsnip crisps (how have I never known about these?! Delish) and was very jealous I didn't go for the pasta with pesto, like the birthday girl.

However, I trumped by choosing the Creme Brulee over ice cream...mwahahaha

And my two wino friends went for a bottle of champers

Which resulted in these types of antics

Now, onto the treatments! We all opted for the facial and back, neck and shoulder massage. All facial products were Decleor, which I found to be gorgeous in smell, and the ability to make my face feel like a baby's bottom was impressive. After talking through my skin type and pressure I liked with a massage, my therapist Jessica got to work. I went through a full cleanse, tone, exfoliate, mask and final cleanse treatment.
The massage oils were also Decleor - now the second she ran her fingers up my back (saucy) she went "Oooh that's a lot of knots!"
...at which point she pummelled them out. Now I know that in the long run, I'll be thankful...my boobs give me awful shoulder problems, but by gum did it hurt the next day! I felt like I'd weight lifted a midget.

Appearance and Design - 8/10 (blood was a no no)
Food - 8/10
Relaxation - 10/10
Friendliness of staff - 10/10
Company of the girlies - 10/10

Overall experience - 10/10

Definitely will attend again when there's another offer on/or when a lovely bloke takes me :)

I really hope this blog picks back up, and will try really hard about that.
Cerys x
Holland House Spa Day: Cardiff
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  1. looks like you had a lovely day - hope you feel better soon and feel like blogging again :) x