Boots 17 Wild Curls mascara review

Ah, 17 makeup. You never let me down!
Wild Curls mascara is considered by many a beauty blogger as one of their 'HG' mascaras - whilst it doesn't quite have that status for me, it sure is worth the £6.29.

The brush has very small fibres which allow it to cling to every little eyelash. The amount dispensed is decent - I would consider it more of an 'evening' mascara just due to the intense effect. It's got great lasting effect - not coming off until I want it to.
It can however get a bit clumpy, you have to wait a good minute or so between coats in order to avoid this I think.

I like the curl it gives more than the volume, as whilst I have long eyelashes they're very straight.

(spot the contact lens ^^)

Overall I'd give this mascara a 7/10 - it's especially good if you're on serious budget control as Boots generally have some sort of offer on 17 makeup, like 3 for 2.
Boots 17 Wild Curls mascara review
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  1. I love this mascara - it's a bargain and the packaging is great too! x