Peachy Keen and Candid Coral

First off...I thought I'd heard Peachy Keen before - it's been a MAC shade for quite some time. Now I know elf are a budget company but probably best if you think of your own shade name if you ask me. However the shade is a lot different - very light, sheer peach with little gold flecks.

Candid Coral (with its unique name) is a medium tone coral, again with little gold flecks and slightly more pigmented than its peachy sister.

(is it me, or do both of these shades look exactly the same on the websites swatch)?

I'm pleased with the quality for what I paid (a 50% Studio discount on the US website) and find the packaging to be versatile - no major grubbiness as it doesn't have the rubber texture of NARS.

Does anyone have any elf recommendations for me?
elf Studio Blushes
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