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Today's post is gonna be on the 2 products I got from Haus of Gloi a couple of months ago. Haus of Gloi  is a vegan company where the products are handmade in small batches, so often if there's something you find on the site you like, it would be good to get it then otherwise it can get sold out quickly.

I ordered the Honey Tree pumpkin butter (full size, $10) and a sample of Vice sugar exfoliant (2oz, $4). I was also sent a sample of Imp perfume oil, which I promptly lost :(

Love the handmade touch.

This pumpkin butter is described as "quite rich! Right from the beehive - honey amplified by seductive essence of resinous vanilla, darkened by a passing waft of mild rare wood smoke". If I had to describe it, it would definitely have the smoky aspect - but I think it's slightly too overpowering for the honey and vanilla to really come through. It's very moisturising and not overly sticky - I like to use this after a nice shower to moisturise legs after shaving. It's very different to the usual floral/citrus scents I go for.  It's a very decent size for $10 too, and I imagine it could be re-used after I'm through with it (though I've yet to finish any body butter I own)

And this is Dice, the sugar exfoliant that's described as "Turkish coffee with marshmallow goo tainted by graham cracker crumbs, toasted hazelnuts all blanketed in the dark chocolate". As much as I'd like to eat it, I've resisted as of yet, but it smells like Pop Tarts and marshmallows and all things nice. In hindsight, I should've waited until this was available in full size as it's not enough to cover my arms and legs - the areas I exfoliate the most. So I just tried it on my bingo wings, and when it comes to scrubs I actually like them to be very abrasive...my skin can get very scaly. This sugar exfoliant also has traces of a moisturising element...whether it's body butter I can't quite tell.

shipping cost around $10 and everything can be purchased from here

Have you got any recommendations from Haus of Gloi?
Haus of Gloi
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  1. These products look so vintage and individual, it make me want them straight away. Great post xx

  2. The butter looks amazing and the scrub has an interesting texture x