Nightshirt ($19.95) and Hoody ($69.50) from Pink at Victoria's Secret
Why isn't Victoria's Secret here yet!

Lumberjack shirt from Aeropostale ($15)

Gorgeous patterned silk dressing gown from La Vie En Rose ($39.95 CAD)

Paul Frank pj's ($25 CAD). I'm obsessed with Paul Frank ♥

I've been meaning to get TOM's for some time now. They're incredibly comfy, and buying a pair buys a pair for a child in a 3rd World Country ($54)

Sweatshirt from American Eagle ($39.95)

These are the best smelling candles ever, I would like to eat them. Better than Yankee Candles, better than IKEA ones...Bath and Body Works ($19.50 for a 3-wick candle, 2 for 1)
Canadian misc. haul
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  1. Yeah I agree the scent is nice but I love my Yankee Candle n Crabtree still hahha:)