Lush Hair Remy Extensions

Happy Friday! I bought these extensions, because despite having long hair it's not very voluminous. I got these in the shade 'darkest brown', and they're 20 inches long - though I will be cutting them to 18 inches as I feel they look too fake, and my natural hair length is 18. 
This is a whopping 95g of hair with 8 clips, that's a full set of extensions. Another thing I wanted to check was that these extensions were ethically sourced and Lush adopt a "100% ethical and 100% traceable" policy, and work with organisations who "promote the interests of their local communities by providing a source of income that will positively affect their community".
I've just ordered a tripod, and thinking about it I should've waited to take pictures till then - my arms just aren't long enough to fit everything in!

Is this common for hair extensions to have this fraying at the top of the clip?

The clips are very sturdy and well sewn in. They don't feel like they'll come loose any time soon.

About the shade, I'm not sure I would class this as darkest brown because it has subtle dark dark blonde strands - not enough to look unnatural next to my hair though, I don't think.

Before and After

I paid £32.99 for these extensions from Lush Extensions eBay and I'm very impressed! 

Lush Hair Remy Extensions
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  1. they look great :)

  2. the frayed bit is normal, mine have that too (: it's just from where they've turned a bit over to sow it is all (:
    i wish my hair was naturally 18 inches! lucky girl (: