Cardiff Superdrug has a notoriously poor Sleek display...crumbling testers, opened packaging and tossed aside into various other brands displays. The chance of me getting an 'Oh So Special' palette or 'Rose Gold' blush are slim to none (anyone wanna help a gal out here?), and when the much anticipated lip paints are released I'm praying to the Makeup Gods there are some there. 

These are 'Peach Perfection' and 'Electro Peach' - £4.30

Peach Perfection

Electro Peach

These polishes are a great, cheaper alternative to MAC's tinted lip conditioners. They have a vanilla scent that isn't too overpowering. These are great for when you're going for a natural look and just want a sheer flush of colour on your lips. The staying power is less of that than a lipstick/lipgloss, but once it's wiped off it leaves the lips moisturised. The packaging is, er...sleek, and as it's got a matte finish will be less likely to get covered in makeup. Overall very happy with these, and have yet to be disappointed by Sleek!
Sleek pout polishes
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  1. I've yet to try the Sleek Pout polishes. Your lips look great with them on. I like the electro peach! xx

  2. Ill have a look in town for the palettes when im in tomorrow :)x

  3. I looked for you today and there werent any of either :( Sorry x