Trilogy 100% Organic Rosehip Oil

Described as being "natures answer to perfect skin, as endorsed by dermatologists and therapists worldwide" it would take a very large sceptic to not become even the little bit interested. This is marketed as a facial oil, however my face skin is far too oily for me to consider using it there, though I feel that normal to dry skins could use this no problem...perhaps I'll try adding a tiny amount to my Decleor mattifying moisturiser to see if that works. It claims to work well on wrinkles, which (thankfully) I couldn't agree or disagree with.

However, I've found other uses for it. It can also be used to reduce scars, stretch marks and keratosis pilaris (those annoying bumps on the tops of arms and backs of legs). The dropper makes it very hygienic and easy to dispense. The scent is very distinct (whether it's what rosehip smells like, I'm not too sure) and it may not appeal to everyone, to be honest I would have preferred this not to have a scent.

I like that this has a clinical study to back up the claims, and was also featured in Harpers Bazaar top Beauty 100. I have faded stretch marks on my hips and boobs, so I've been using this and have been seeing changes (wasn't too comfortable showing before/after pics for that sorry!). The KP on the backs of my arms feel reduced, though I have also been in the Sun for the past week so that may have factored into that too.
The organic/natural factor is something that I've been attempting to ease in to my routines more often, as I don't really have any products that are 100% natural other than perhaps shea butter, and I like the idea of having less harmful chemicals on my face.
This is what I would consider to be a decent budget entry to the serum/oil market that is often dominated by the high-end brands, and with a price tag of around £15 it definitely offers a good result for the price.

This is available from and also directly from Trilogy themselves.

*This product was given to me for review by - this in no way affects my view of the product, which will always be honest.
Trilogy 100% Organic Rosehip Oil
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