Beautyuk matte top coat

I never thought I would like a matte nail polish. I had visions of it being a dry, scratchy, uneven texture that would be the same as rubbing a pen over my nails. So did beautyuk's offering prove me wrong?

Top picture is Nails Inc 'Draycott Place' without the matte coat; picture 2 and 3 is with the matte coat.

Yep, it sure did. On the contrary the texture was very smooth, and I actually really liked the effect. Beautyuk is sold in Superdrug mainly, also online at - but I got mine from Internacionale for £2.99 - very impressed with the more budget friendly nail offerings recently. Just goes to show I shouldn't pay a tenner for OPI (it's the names, they draw me in...). Another thing annoying me - Nails inc polishes have just launched in the US through Sephora for $9.50...$9.50?! Oh yeah and they're £11 in their originating country...that makes sense -.-

Beautyuk matte top coat
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  1. love that finish!