Boobs and wobbly bits.

This is a post I've been umm'ing and ahh'ing over for a while - but I've decided that there's nothing to hide...

Next year, I'm having cosmetic surgery.

Next year, I'm having a breast reduction, and I've got to lose around 2 and a half stone by next May.
I've had big boobs since I was 12, I'm now 20. They hurt, they don't fit into things, and they attract unwanted and often harassing attention. I've also struggled with my weight for a long time. There's been periods where I've been happy with my weight, but there's always been these gigantic nunga-nunga's that perhaps overode that. Right now, I'm eating mainly Weight Watchers/low calorie meals, exercising a couple of times a week and I'm going to give myself 1 day off a week to eat what I want.

I've found this great app called My Fitness Pal, that's also online and it's a free calorie counter that includes most main foods and lots of restaurant/fast food items. Then you can also input your exercise (it automatically calculates the calories you've burnt), and you can also add friends, post to Twitter/Facebook etc!

I don't want to reveal my exact weight but my BMI is considered obese - and it's just not as safe to have surgery (there can be more complications). My goal is to lose around 2lbs a week, and My Fitness Pal has worked out from my height/weight that I should eat around 1200 calories a day. Other places on the internet have said around 1600, but to be honest 1200 is achievable - for example, today I ate: Weetabix + skimmed milk, a few diet cokes, spag & meatballs, 1 piece of bread, low-fat chips with tikka masala and pilau rice, a Special K bar and an Aero mousse - seems a lot but it came to 1336 calories, then I burnt off a further 325 exercising.

My main goals:
1) Portion control - I don't tend to eat really bad foods all the time, I just tend to eat a lot. Invest in a kitchen scales that wasn't from Poundland!
2) Snacking - to try and make it fruit or something high in fibre
3) Exercise - try to exercise at least 3 times a week
4) Curb my terrible Diet Coke addiction!

What do you think? Do you guys have any advice?
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Boobs and wobbly bits.
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  1. Oooooh I look forward to reading your journey, so good luck! :) I use my fitness pal too and I think it's fab. I went on a diet recently and I found that if you ever felt the need to have something sweet, eat sugar free jelly. It has to be sugar free though, it has low cals and not a lot of sugar and is used in a lot of diets. Also, just try the little things such as turning white bread to brown, or eating one slice less. Nuts are also really high in protein and full of good fats (which you can have on diets) xxx

  2. Good luck <3 I look forward to reading about your progress. And good on you for making that decision. *hugs*

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  4. Aww no poor you, I hate having big boobs too and there is no fashion trend that really needs then either ( eg: body con dress' and button up shirts) best of luck with the healthy eating plan and thanks for bringing this topic to people's attention! x x x