Boudoir Privé beauty box + half price code

What I got: Body Smooth by 'Tropic Skincare', L'Agent by 'Agent Provocateur', Hair Repair Oil Treatment by 'Macadamia', Nourish: Eye Cream by 'Colbert MD', Jem from Smoke and Mirrors collection by 'Zoya', Boogie Nights Eye Pencil in Blue by 'Cargo' and Blot & Bronze papers by 'Mai Couture'.

This months theme is 'les indispensables' which are the 6 beauty must-haves by the BP team.
Do I think these are must have? Let's see...

No. There are some good things included this month, and some that disappointed me. In addition to the actual products, I got a nail leaflet/cd cover thingy that showed the entire 'Smoke and Mirrors' collection, which I did find to be a nice touch, though I'm not sure I'll get any use out of it. 
The leaflet that details all of the products also gives the price details of the full size products.

 Cargo Cosmetics is new to me - I've seen their blushes raved about but never bought something myself. Blue eyeliner tends to remind me of when I was 13 and scraping my hair back with gel and blue mascara. So I was a bit dubious about this one - the formula isn't hugely creamy but it doesn't drag across my skin. Pigmentation is average - but to be honest, I prefer my UD 24/7 pencils.

Zoya is also a new brand to me, despite seeing it quite a lot when I lived in America. This is, I believe a full size product. It's a strange thing when something is so duo-chromed in the bottle yet so single coloured on my talon. It applies well, and this is a 1-coater, which retails for £9.98.

What happened to the gold and pink undertones?

Colbert MD is a brand that's seen a massive following after it was rumoured that K-Middy used it religiously. This eye cream is a whopping 90 POUNDS for 15ml. Sheesh, I'm scared to use it. I'm not too sure about eye creams, because I've heard a couple of times now that an eye cream does nothing more for the eyes than a general face moisturiser would. There's no real smell to this, and it doesn't specify how much we were given. 

Tropic Skincare is 100% natural, founded by Susan Ma - who is apparently off The Apprentice, but I would have no idea. This is a very intense citrusy smell, some will like it, some won't. It's a lot smoother than I'm used to in an exfoliator, but we shall see. This retails for £19.95 for 200ml

Agent Provocateur is well known in the designer lingerie and sex toy industry, to me it's known as the brand that my breasticles would never fit in to. It makes sense that if they were to branch into fragrance, it would be a very sensual, seductive scent - and that's exactly what they've achieved with L'Agent. Amber, musk and florals make up the main notes, with base notes of patchouli and sandalwood.

Mai Couture is again, brand new to me. It looks like one of their specialties are products involving sheets - bronzer, blush and rejuvenating papers. They claim to double up, removing oil and providing a bronzed glow. It can only be purchased in Harvey Nichols in the UK, and appears to be a bonus product as it's not on the product list. They look like they'd be good for when you just need a touch up.

Last but not least, the Macadamia Oil. My hair, and oil are enemies - I constantly find my roots are oily, no matter what shampoo I use so I'm weary to use an oil product. It's why I haven't tried Moroccan Oil, Argan Oil etc - so we shall see. This retails for £5.75 for the 10ml I've received.

Overall, I'm definitely more impressed than I was after looking at people's reviews for last months. The thought of having tea as a sample was very off putting, so I'm glad that my box contained all makeup/beauty products.

This box is £10 with free p&p, and if you would like to receive your first box for half price use the code '1BOX12'.
What do you think, will you be joining Boudoir Privé?

Boudoir Privé beauty box + half price code
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  1. I didnt sign up for this but it looks quite good. Thanks for sharing x

  2. I gave in and decided to go for my first ever BP box because it was more to my taste (more lifestyle/beauty than beauty alone) and had a half price code. I'm going to cancel as soon as I get my box in mid Oct and take as long as I can to judge on the worth of the box. If I decide it's not worth the £10 then I'm already unsubscribed and I wont need to do anything :)

  3. "Blue eyeliner tends to remind me of when I was 13 and scraping my hair back with gel and blue mascara" *cringes* I totally did that too. >__>

    I'd like to see you do an eyeshadow look using the blue eyeliner as a base! And the nail polish is really pretty.