Hello loverrrs! If you've been following my tweets you'll have seen that I just moved to Laaahndan. So right now I haven't really had chance to do any review's what with unpacking and stuff...so I thought I'd share a bit of my new student room. I know student houses have a reputation of being grotty, but I'm pretty happy with mine. Also a few things from IKEA can do wonders :)

The view from my window. The houses are so pretty and...symmetrical, such fun!

Victoria's Secret bag, 'Love' sign from Dunelm Mill, mirror from Boots, Tray (Christmas present), various Bath & Body Works candles (my favourite) and IKEA white shelf courtesy of Pops.

My favourite part of the room! IKEA and Next lanterns.

Cute key/spare change holder from TK Maxx (£4.99)

Wicker heart from Wilkinson (£3.99)

Various bedding from Wilkinson, Next and B&M bargains.

Stay tuned for back to normal service soon :)

New digs.
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  1. Wow, it looks lovely! Jealous that you get a fireplace!

  2. nice pics dear, wanna follow each other?let me know kisses La Folie