Ah, Mossy. Not content with sticking your name on most products, here's your makeup offerings. I really did wonder what you would bring that would be different to the brand you already front...the only thing I can really notice is the lack of vile chemical smell that you get with regular Rimmel, and the nicer packaging. There are 7 shades to choose from, and I went for Shade 01 - the classic red pout.

Overall, pigmentation is good, formula is creamy and like I said it lacks the smell with the original Rimmel lipsticks - I believe these are the same price as them too. They're currently available at Boots and I believe they'll be in Rimmel counters in all stores soon.

What do you think of Kate's range? Lots of thought and design process, or just a different tube and her name on them?

Kate Moss for Rimmel
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  1. That's a lovely colour! I'll check these out :) x

  2. I was looking for these in the big Boots in Cardiff a few days ago and they didn't have any :( I need a new red so will probs get this. Cheap and cheerful x

  3. This is a lovely shade, and I also have my eye on a few of the other shades too. I haven't noticed a chemical scent with my Rimmel lipsticks, but I only have 3. :)

  4. This colour is gorgeous and i am glad to know that they dont smell bad! :) xx