Sleek Pout Paints (all 11 shades) review/swatches

Hola! Everyone knows my love for's nothing new, and when these Pout Paints came out I couldn't wait to give them a try. Unfortunately Cardiff Superdrug (grrr) had nothing other than Cloud 9 and Peek a Bloo for around a month, which didn't really tickle my pickle on their own. So after trawling around Kingston and Wimbledon I got the full collection :)

Left to right: Cloud 9 (pure white), Mauve Over (fucsia purple), Lava (mandarin orange), Peachy Keen (pastel peach), Pin Up (vampy red), Rosette (cool toned pink), Port (light burgundy) and Pinkini (mid toned pink)

Cloud 9, Mauve Over, Lava and Peachy Keen

Pin Up - pin up gets its own picture just because it was the hardest to work with - it's such a true red that any slip and you look like The Joker. I also wanted to show you how I've been applying them - just applying directly to the lips and then using a cotton bud, you don't really need to use a lip brush except in the case of this one! 

...oh...dear...not the easiest to remove! 
Once it's dry, there was no bleeding but because I was removing mine so quickly I got The Joker face. Though the longer it's on, I'd imagine it's a lot harder to get off and baby wipes wouldn't cut it.

Rosette (accidentally photographed this one twice), Port and Pinkini

Minx, Milkshake and Peek a Bloo


My main gripes with these products are the more neutral shades just didn't really work for me. There was a lot of separation from the colour/water on Peachy Keen and Minx even after shaking and squeezing a lot, which was disappointing as these would've been two of my favourite shades but they just didn't really apply well and were patchy. Think I'll use them in conjunction with lipsticks and see if that makes it any better.

The shade possibilities really are endless and you can customise based on your skintone so it'll suit just about everyone! It can be a bit of a potch, and messy but because these are so long lasting (6 hours on me) you would only need to apply once and wouldn't have to worry about taking them on a night out for example. You can also get a set of mixing pots from chemists etc for like £2 so you can create a larger amount of your newly created shade. There's a nice orange scent that isn't too overpowering.

If I had to suggest just getting a couple out of the collection it would be Pin Up, Rosette and then Cloud 9 and Peek a Bloo to mix away. Milkshake is definitely the easiest to work with and the most suitable for everyday.

Overall - 8/10

What's your favourite Pout Paint shade or combination? I'm looking forward to experimenting with lavender and orange lips :)

Sleek Pout Paints (all 11 shades) review/swatches
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