Rimmel Match Perfection cream gel foundation

Is it me, or was there literally no promotion for this foundation? I found it lurking in a Superdrug back home a couple of weeks back and even though it's still listed on Boots online, I've only seen it once.

Rimmel describes it as having an "instant effect with a natural flawless finish that mimics skin tone and in the long term corrects uneven skin tone". It doesn't seem to give much reasoning as to how it does this, however. The consistency is creamy rather than gel like, and is nice and cooling when applied.

This is the lightest shade available; I'm fair skinned but if you're very fair skinned this will be far too dark for your complexion.

It's a fairly light coverage...it does even out my complexion, but as you can see it doesn't hide blemishes (or make me look any less miserable, apparently). It lasted for an average amount of time, which for me is 5 hours.

this retails (supposedly) at £6.99 in Boots, Superdrug etc.

Has anyone else seen this product, or are you like me and have seen no advertising for this?


Rimmel Match Perfection cream gel foundation
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  1. I've seen no advertisement for it either! The formula looks nice but I do like quite long coverage. Tempted to see if I can find it though x

  2. Haven't heard of it either! Hmm xx

  3. hmmm gel? will keep an eye for it. Not seen this at all x

  4. oooh looks interesting <3
    love your blog i am a new follower ...
    -- would love it if you could visit me and follow back sometime ?