Topshop lipsticks: On The Town and Infrared

On The Town: a satin finish true lilac - can be slightly gritty, so just be sure to apply balm beforehand if you have dry lips. Can be rather hard to wear - it makes my teeth look really yellow, and would look best with just a slick of eyeliner rather than anything too fussy elsewhere on your face. Would go well with Revlon's 'Lilac Pastelle' colourburst lipgloss (here).

Infrared: a true coral red with a creamier finish than On The Town - also more opaque. 

I am fairly fond of Topshop makeup - it's generally good quality from a brand I don't really own much from, just the odd top and pair of shoes. I was a little skeptical when I first heard they were coming out with a range, having used 'own brands' such as H&M and George with no success - Topshop have thought seriously about their core buyer with colours, packaging and prices. Another product that's really impressed me is their cream blushes - review soon.

Do you guys have any recommendations from Topshop makeup?

Lipsticks - £8 (only Infrared is still available through the Topshop website)

Topshop lipsticks: On The Town and Infrared
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  1. I have about 5 lipsticks from there, amazing colours and goos staying power. The blush was ok but not tried anything else. Wish Topshop did discount codes once in a while!

  2. Infrared looks gorgeous I might have to go check this lipstick out.
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