After receiving thousands of tweets, emails and phone calls making sure that I hadn't died because my blog was so neglected, I thought: "but why is everyone so concerned? Didn't I set a bunch of posts across these few weeks because I knew I would be so busy?"

Damn you Google.

So whilst I reset all of the scheduled posts, here's some Instagram photos from the last few weeks. 

Pillow in the new flat. He is called Frank | New Spidey t-shirt | Matrushka doll Oyster card holder | Chicken katsu, Wagamama | Somewhere outside Reading on the Paddington to Cardiff train | Scenery from my best friend's back garden | Best friends little lamb | Best friends cockadoodledo's

Best friend (theme here)'s sheep | Wellies up the farm | Little cousin wearing my Topshop studded slippers | World's most miserable cat | Sister and I | Little Mix on mid-air swings | Misha B | Uni work

p.s. I am being was only hundreds of tweets, not thousands. ;)
Dumbest blogger.
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  1. Glad to see you back! I haven't had Chicken Katsu Curry for so long - love it! x