Hello everyone! Well well well, needless to say this blog has been sadly neglected. There's been a few reasons (some that don't really belong on a blog), the main one being:

(18MP is not forgiving on one's complexion)

- I've had surgery! After a few infections I'm finally getting sorted. I've gone from a H cup, to a D cup. It was painful, and scary - I've never had an operation before - but I don't regret it at all! It's changed my life for the better, and once I've lost the weight I want to there'll be no stopping me ;)

- I've really lost my blogging mojo also...I just didn't feel like my heart was in it. I hadn't been going out, so not really using makeup or having anything to write about. However, after scrimping and saving I think this new baby will help! Really need to get to grips with the basics, although the point and shoot options are great - it also records 1080p video so you never know...maybe my Welsh twang might make an appearance?

Canon 600d - eBay link

- Now I'm about to begin my final year of university. I've got to find work experience, and hopefully after some badgering, I can get a placement with a magazine somewhere in the City. I want to explore more of London, as I feel despite being here almost a year, I haven't seen the "real" London - so you can follow me in that adventure!

- You may have also noticed I've had a little name change - Cariad means love in Welsh, and my name Cerys comes from Cariad - since I love beauty, it fit nicely!

So tell me readers! What have I missed? Recommend some blogs to me :)

Cerys x

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  1. Happy new boobs :)



    1. thanks Katie! Only now seeing this because emails went to spam x

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  3. Replies
    1. thanks Charlotte - looking good so far, just got to wait for the scars to all fade! x

  4. i want a DSLR! hopefully that encourages you to come back and blog blog blog :) feel better<3


  5. likeeee your blog!
    keep posting and go for it!!


  6. Wow, this camera looks amazing! I'm hoping for a new one for Christmas - always good for inspiration on the blog :) xxx